Tech4Good Ottawa

Connecting Ottawa's not-for-profit and technology sectors to make Ottawa better

How many times have you stared at your database, or your website, or your email client, beyond frustrated. We’ve all thought it: “There has to be a better way.”

We agree. We think there is almost always a better way. In fact, we’re betting someone already knows what that better way is. And best of all? We can introduce you.

That’s the idea that Tech4Good Ottawa is built on. We’re bringing together Ottawa’s charitable and technology sectors to build a community that helps us all do better. We’re linking up people from both sectors to create amazing partnerships. We’re leading big-picture thinking about how tech and non-profit organizations can work together. We’re helping NPO professionals get concrete skills from the cutting-edge of the tech world, and helping them actually put their ideas into practice.

Every month, you’re invited to come kick it with us at a different event, right here in the Nation’s capital. You can learn new things, ask hard questions, bounce new ideas, and build new partnerships.

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